Solidarity Day

Solidarity Day of World Heritage Cities

As the Organization of World Heritage Cities was created on a 8 September, it was decided, as a commemoration of this flagship event, that 8 September be declared “Solidarity Day of World Heritage Cities”. All World Heritage cities are invited to celebrate this day once a year.

Implementation of the Solidarity Day

Established in 1993, the Solidarity Day of World Heritage Cities is a unique opportunity to put heritage issues on the agenda and to express solidarity with World Heritage cities. With this celebration, we are shining the spotlight not only on the OWHC but also on the importance of being able to benefit from strong and present heritage cities.

This is why the OWHC encourages the administration of each member city to take advantage of this day to highlight the city’s important responsibility to protect and promote World Heritage and, above all, to stress the privilege of having a part of that heritage in their community. It is therefore important, throughout the year but especially on 8 September, to encourage discussions and gatherings, to reflect on the need and the good of having a labelled and protected World Heritage and to support even more strongly each member city.


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