OWHC Young travelling Scholarship

Summer 2018

Win a Trip through Europe’s World Heritage Cities!

The Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC), through the Regional Secretariat of Northwest Europe and North America, sends you on a trip through Europe. Equipped with a Budget of 1.000 €, you will discover World Heritage Cities and experience what applied culture is.

Discover Europe and find out more about heritage!

Tell us your story and the things you discover, experience and learn during your trip.

What did we learn from our past and what connects or separates us in Europe today?

Conditions to submit your candidacy

Participants should be between 18 and 28 years old.

Please hand in a letter of motivation, in English, and tell us briefly about your interests to participate in the project (max. 500 words):

  • Give a short description of yourself and tell us why YOU should win this trip.
  • Answer the following questions!
    • What is your understanding of “World Heritage“?
    • What is the connection between World Heritage and Identity in your opinion?
    • What do you think we pass on to future generations?
    • What is the “World Heritage of tomorrow”? What are we doing today that will be regarded as human achievement in 100 years?
  • Be creative!
    Let us know how your trip is proceeding. You may create a daily blog in Social Media – we will provide the account. Furthermore, you share your experiences by a creative project concerning your idea of the European Cultural Heritage (e.g. urban sketching, photo project, video documentation etc. – no limitations to your creativity).
  • Please hand in a little draft of your project in your application. More information is provided below.

Send us your letter of motivation (PDF or Word Format), in English, no later than 15th of July 2018 to the following address:

Short summary of important information

  • Age: between 18 and 28 years
  • Travel time: July until October 2018
  • Travel duration: Flexible, but at least two weeks
  • Travel destinations: Flexible, but at least four (4) World Heritage Cities
  • Travel Budget: 1.000 €

Process of the trip

Let us discuss your trip in advance!

The idea behind the concept is to visit at least four different cities listed as World Heritage in at least two different countries. At least one of your travel destinations should be one of the member cities of the Regional Secretariat of Northwest Europe and North America of the OWHC. You can find the complete list of the OWHC member cities HERE. You can also sort this list by Regional Secretariats, so you can see which cities are part of this specific region. Do you have further questions or need help with organising your trip? We have got contacts in many cities who might help you – so feel free to contact us anytime.

Organise your trip on your own!

Financial organisation

For the whole trip, you´ll have a budget of 1.000 €. Please be aware that you will need to book the Hotels and the transportation, e.g. train, bus, etc. by yourself. You will get the full reimbursement at the end of your trip or at least part of it while you´re on the journey.

Furthermore, we would like to support you with the preparation and also during the trip. Please don´t hesitate to contact us anytime!

How do you know you are part of the project?

The winners will be selected at the latest on July 20. We will contact them and send them a contract to sign with all necessary information.

Creative Output of this project

  • While travelling: Daily Blog on the OWHC Instagram Account and a short report with picture on weekly basis to send to in order to put it on the OWHC Website.
  • Individual Output: urban sketching, photo project, video documentation, song, etc.
  • Attention – World Heritage has to be the main topic (e.g. city development, sustainability, environment, heritage & tourism, young and modern life in a world heritage city).
  • We will collect your Outputs and create a little travel guide for example, which will be given to our member cities (not for sale!).

Background information

What is a World Heritage?

  • It is defined a not renewable resource which has to be safeguarded to guarantee its authenticity and to preserve it for future generations.
  • In 1972 the World Heritage Convention was established; in 1978 the first World Heritage sites where listed. Currently we have 1.073 World Cultural and Natural sites in 167 countries.
  • Germany has 42 listed sites. Can you guess which country in Europe has the most?


What possibilities of transportation do I have?

There are a few alternatives: Global Interrail Ticket, Bus Transportation e.g. Flix Bus, Flight etc. It is up to you how to travel from A to B within your budget. It is also up to you if the costs will be more then we can reimburse to cover the rest by yourself.


Unfortunately we can´t give you any insurance. We recommend though to get an insurance for traveling abroad. It doesn´t cost a lot. We can´t be liable for any damage of things or persons or loss or robbery, etc.

Who is my contact person?

Monika Göttler
Welterbestelle, Stadt Regensburg 0941/507-4614 or

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Programs of the Regional Secretariats

Programs of the Cities