OWHC Young Travelling Scholarship

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In 2018, the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) with its Regional Secretariat for Northwest Europe and North America initiated a travel scholarship for young people. Equipped with a budget of up to 1.000 €, the winners of the scholarship program have the opportunity to discover World Heritage Cities and experience why our UNESCO World Heritage needs to be preserved.

This project is aimed at young people from ages 18 to 28 in order to make Europe’s and North America’s World Heritage a more tangible experience for the younger generation. Each traveler/team has to visit at least three different cities listed as World Heritage in at least two different countries, with at least one destination being one of the member cities of the Regional Secretariat of Northwest Europe and North America. Otherwise, they are completely independent at planning their own trip.

The Travellers share their experience on this blog and keep everyone updated on social media (Instagram or Facebook) as they are discovering different World Heritage Cities. At the end of their trips they design a creative output (photographs, videos etc.) of their travels. The project intends to share World Heritage from different perspectives. Applications were taken from all over the world in order to represent different views on several heritage sites.

We invite you to follow our 2019 Young Travellers and read about their experiences in the blog, or on the OWHC Facebook and Instagram channels.

Let us introduce you to our 2019 winners!


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22 August 2019

Young Travellers en route – follow them through our World Heritage Cities!

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OWHC Young Travelling Scholarship

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