Québec Roadmap


The combined effects of climate, economic, and social crises are putting considerable pressure on urban environments, which are particularly vulnerable in their historical and heritage dimensions. Faced with the scale of the changes underway, other ways of acting and new urban practices need to be considered by the member cities of the OWHC.

The member cities have therefore decided to act together. They are determined to draw up a “New Urban Project.” This system of common references, based on the shared experience and expertise of member cities, will contribute to the emergence of a new generation of urban development policies, strategies, and projects, nurtured by a heritage approach to sustainable development that reconciles the urban, the human, and the environmental.

To arrive at the proposal of the OWHC’s “New Urban Project”, a process called the “Québec Roadmap” has been elaborated.

Québec Roadmap

As part of the 16th World Congress (Québec, Canada, 6-9 September 2022), the member cities of the OWHC adopted the “Québec Roadmap”.

This Roadmap establishes the general operational framework for an exploration and experimentation phase which began on November 1, 2022. Composed of three steps, it proposes a process of collective effort which introduces and strengthens the concept of learning through actions.

Visit the Roadmap website to find out all about the program, its process, methodology, progress and prospects, and much more!

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14 September 2023

1 year of Roadmap… It’s your turn!

Québec Roadmap

11 July 2023

New project meeting of the OWHC regional secretariat for southern Europe and the mediterranean and workshop about trades

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Southern Europe and Mediterranean

Québec Roadmap

14 April 2023

Project meeting in Angra do Heroísmo

Angra do Heroismo, Portugal

Southern Europe and Mediterranean

Québec Roadmap

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