4 July 2024

International workshop of the Marrakech Collaborative Network

Marrakesh, Morocco

The Roadmap Collaborative Networks continue to prepare for the Cordoba Symposium (September 24-27, 2024) by developing their priority thematics in international workshops organized jointly by the General Secretariat and the pilot cities.

The city of Marrakech organized the International Workshop of its Collaborative Network on June 27 and 28, 2024, around the thematic: Regeneration of the historic core through the preservation, valorization and awareness of heritage.


The cities of Brugge, Quebec and Luxembourg joined the pilot city and local experts to share their experience and find possible solutions for the programming of the restored building as a source of socio-economic and cultural regeneration in the historic center, placing intangible heritage at the heart of management principles.


Participants in the workshop were able to explore the Marrakech Medina, discovering the case of rehabilitated fondouks and an equally restored former grain silo, and then debate based on presentations concerning :

  • Rehabilitation of the Mansfeld site and its remains in Luxembourg (Ms Shaaf Milani-Nia and Ms Isabelle Schmitz from the City of Luxembourg, virtual).
  • Improving the quality of life in Old Quebec and the former Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague school (Ms. Renée Desormeaux, Quebec City).
  • Recognizing and appealing to the values of a site: the case of the Beffroi in Brugge (Ms. Leenjte Gunst, City of Brugge).
  • The case of the fondouks and perspectives on the grain silo (Mr. Abdelazie Belkeziz from the city of Marrakech)
  • Regeneration of the green heritage of the city of Marrakech through preservation, enhancement and appropriation by citizens (Mr. Boujemaa Belhand, President of the Marrakech Association of Teachers of Natural Sciences)
  • Social practices in the Medina of Marrakech as a form of intangible cultural heritage (Ms Rim Afa, Director of Education, National School of Architecture, Marrakech)
  • Education for a lasting heritage (Ms Fatima Kander, teacher at the Lycée Aouda Saadia in Marrakech)


Check out the resources shared by Workshop participants in the Collaborative Network library and stay tuned for more results…

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