Social Media Policy



The OWHC is on social media and other digital platforms reserved for discussion to create a space that encourages instructive exchange on challenges facing the organization and current events consistent with the organization’s mission, namely the enhancement and protection of heritage.

Comments regarding OWHC communications are valued and appreciated. Discussion is encouraged between users interested in the organization’s activities. However, there are rules to follow to ensure that this goal is achieved and that exchanges remain pleasant and respectful.

Identity and Privacy

The OWHC’s presence on social media and other digital platforms reserved for discussion is not anonymous. Users wishing to use these platforms to exchange with the organization must identify themselves. The OWHC reserves the right to refrain from publishing a comment or replying to a question if there is any doubt as to the identity of its author. Impersonating a blogger, writer, moderator or any other person will not be tolerated.

The OWHC agrees to protect the privacy of its users. Under no circumstances will the OWHC request or disclose information without the consent and agreement of the person concerned. For additional information, please refer to the Confidentiality Policy available on the OWHC website.

Rules of Conduct

Content published by the OWHC on social media and other digital platforms reserved for discussion is accessible to everyone. The OWHC will not accept the publication of illegal, inappropriate, obscene, offensive, defamatory, threatening or abusive content or any other content not related to the organization. The OWHC reserves the right to remove said content at the OWHC’s discretion and without notice.

The OWHC views the abusive use of uppercase letters in Internet language as equivalent to shouting, which could be interpreted as aggressiveness. Any message containing a word in capital letters (with the exception of abbreviations and acronyms) may be deleted.

The OWHC corrects inaccurate and misleading information about the organization as quickly as possible.

The OWHC reserves the right to make changes to this netiquette or shut down a social medium or digital platform reserved for discussion without notice.

Content Published

The content published by the OWHC on social media and other digital platforms reserved for discussion covers issues of significance to the organization, namely heritage. Irrelevant comments may become subjects for future discussion, but in the meantime, they may be relocated or deleted without notice if the OHWC views them as interfering with the discussion underway.

The OWHC answers any questions raised as soon as possible.

The OWHC does not revise comments and questions, but may moderate them. When users’ comments and questions are posted, they are posted in their entirety. On some platforms, it may not be possible for users to remove their messages after publication. Therefore, it is important to reflect upon the possible consequences of a post.

It is possible to include a hyperlink in a comment insofar as it leads to a site or article directly related to the subject of the discussion.

Sending messages repetitively hinders exchange and will not be tolerated. Likewise, posting the same comment more than once, viewed as spamming, will not be tolerated.

User Language

The official languages used on OWHC platforms are English, French and Spanish.

Authenticity of Information

Users must ensure that the content they post is authentic and does not infringe upon copyright, confidentiality or the rights of any third party.


When users post content on an OWHC platform, they grant the OWHC permission and the free and unlimited right to use and disseminate their content, for all intents and purposes.

When posting on social media and/or a digital platform reserved for discussion, users understand that their comments are published on the Web for an indefinite period and indexed by Internet search engines.

Customer Service

We recommend that users experiencing problems with services offered by the OWHC to its clients contact a customer service representative by:

  • Sending a private message via Messenger
  • Telephoning the OWHC
  • Visiting the website

Report Abuse

Users can report illegal content or behaviour on social media or a digital platform reserved for discussion by writing to: [email protected].