OWHC Hotline


OWHC member cities are often keen to take advantage of the network to identify examples and experiences on various subjects related to urban management and heritage preservation. To facilitate the collection and sharing of information, the General Secretariat is proposing this new tool to complement the technical assistance offered to members.


Cities wishing to find out whether other member cities have examples or experience on a specific subject are invited to send their question to the General Secretariat by e-mail to [email protected] providing all the information needed to understand the request.

The OWHC commits to:

  • Rapidly circulate the information to all member cities (mailer) and publish the request on the OWHC website and social networks.
  • Collect the information received and forward it to the requesting city


Member city in good standing.

Pending requests

The City of Quito wishes to gather information about:

Firefighting procedures in heritage areas.

The information expected by the City of Quito may include, but are not limited to:

  • Particular regulations
  • Specific skills
  • Dedicated training
  • Lessons learned (obstacles encountered and solutions implemented to overcome them, etc.)

Help Quito gather information on the ideal conditions for firefighters to intervene in heritage areas, and contribute to the safety of all citizens!


Technical Assistance and Cooperation


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