3 May 2024

Quebec City calls on the OWHC Hotline!

The City of Quebec wishes to gather information concerning:

The touristic buses management in historic centres.

Quebec City would like to gather answers to the following questions, to feed and support the reflection at the heart of its Collaborative Network of the Quebec Roadmap (Pacified mobility: Street planning and sharing between different users and mobility modes) :

  • Did your city put in place in the last few years measures to contain or restrict touristic buses traffic or bus parking in the historic neighborhood? Please specify if the street gauge / geometry allow buses to circulate.
  • Can you describe briefly main measures taken and deployed to contain or restrict touristic buses from the touristic / historic neighborhood (complete or partial ban, control of the accessibility with respect to the nature and reason of a travel by bus, management of the access to the historic neighborhood, size of vehicles, etc.)?
  • What measures were taken to accompany traffic and circulation restrictions (drop-off and parking areas outside the tourist area, shuttles, etc.)?
  • How is bus access controlled at entrances to the tourist area (police, traffic officers, automatic control equipment, etc.)?
  • Do you have statistics on the number of touristic buses (daily of weekly) that enter the historic / touristic neighborhood before and after the implementation of restricton and containment measures?
  • Do you have statistics on the impact of such measure on tourism (ex. Number of tourists, distribution of the number of tourists throughout the year? On the territory? On the sites visited? Length of stay? Economic and touristic outcomes)?

Does your city have any experience with any of the actions mentioned in the previous questions? Quebec City would like to hear from you.

To communicate your answers, please contact the Heritage Project Officer Ms. Émilie Gourbin via email: [email protected]. Please return your contributions by May 17, 2024.