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Young Ambassadors of World Heritage

2nd Encounter of Young Ambassadors of World Heritage

Ibiza, 20th~22nd March, 2019

Dear Ambassadors and Local Heritage Experts,

After a first experience in Aranjuez in March 2017, next 20th- 22nd March 2019, we will celebrate in Ibiza (Spain) our Second Encounter of Ambassadors of World Heritage Cities in the framework of the Regional Secretariat of South Europe and Mediterranean Sea of the World Heritage Cities Organization – OWHC. We really expect this occasion to show once more, not only our heritage values but also the ability of our Young Ambassadors to work together in the dissemination and communication of our rich cultural and historic heritage.

Therefore, and to ease our work during the Encounter, we have some recommendations for you to follow about the documents to bring with you to Ibiza.

First of all, you will have to fill in the Application form for participants, both Local Heritage experts and young Ambassadors. Please, send it filled into the following emails before 15th February for logistics (hotel and restaurant reservations, activities, venue,…)

Application form

We also enclose some instructions about the documents to bring to the Encounter. Please, read the instructions carefully and if you have any doubts, relevant information to provide about your participation or any other questions, do not hesitate in contacting us.

Contact E-mails: and


General information for participants

The topic for this II Encounter will be the same as the one chosen for the next WHC World Congress to be held in Krakow (Poland) next June 2019: Heritage and Tourism: local communities and visitors, a shared responsibility.

Accordingly, Young Ambassadors will provide the following information about their sites:

  • A Power Point Presentation about the site elaborated under a touristic scope. This information will be monitored and supervised by the local Heritage Expert. The presentation may include audiovisual material (pictures and videos…) The Municipality of each participant city is responsible for the accuracy and veracity of this presentation, as well as for the use of any material provided (intellectual property of texts, pictures and / or videos)).
    Each Young Ambassador will hold a 15 minutes presentation of his site for the audience, trying to show the most relevant Heritage aspects of his city and the local strategies regarding Tourism or any new proposal to be developed in this area, including the Local Community.
  • A report of 1500 words max about the main topic. It must be an original text written by the participant (experts can help). It can, of course, be based on other publications and there can be pictures and videos, as well, to support the ideas in the text.

The texts for the website will be provided both in English and in the local language of the Young Ambassador.

All this material will be uploaded in the Encounter website. There will be a link for this site also in the OWHC website, and in the Municipal websites of the participant cities, if requested. (

Regarding the pictures, participants will send several high resolution .jpg or .jpeg photos in individual folders to be uploaded in the website, as well.

Videos will be from 90 to 120 seconds long. Afterwards, they will be uploaded in a YOUTUBE Channel opened ex professo, so it is very important that you send them via Dropbox, Wetransfer or similar platforms in advance.

All the information provided will be sent to the Encounter Coordinator, Ms. María del Pozo López ( before March 12th.

Finally, just remember that all the presentations will be held in English so the Ambassador must be quite skilled and fluent in this language.

Mobility to/ from Ibiza

Each participant city will bear the travel costs for the local expert and the Young Ambassador to and from the Hotel in Ibiza. Other costs during the celebration of the Encounter will be borne by the R.S. of South Europe and Mediterranean Sea of the OWHC, the General Secretariat of OWHC and the Municipality of Ibiza.

Draft of the program

 20th MARCH

  • Arrival of participants during the morning
  • Welcome Lunch
  • Official opening of the II Encounter of Young Ambassadors
  • Ambassador Power Point Presentations. Part 1
  • Dinner

21st MARCH

  • Ambassador Power Point Presentations. Part 2
  • Presentation about Heritage and Tourism (Expert Speech)
  • First working session: elaborating a Decalogue of good practices in Heritage and Tourism (group work)
  • Lunch
  • Second working session: elaborating a Decalogue of good practices in Heritage and Tourism (conclusions) / Visit? *
  • Dinner

22nd MARCH

  • Closing Ceremony of the Encounter: Reading of Decalogue of good practices, recording videos of impressions and experiences
  • Visit 1 to Ibiza City center
  • Visit 2 to Ibiza Island (bus/ boat?) * (it may be possible to swap visit 1 to the 21st afternoon and have the second working session early in the morning of the 22nd)
  • Farewell lunch


22 March 2019

II Encounter of Young Ambassadors of World Heritage

Ibiza, Spain

Southern Europe and Mediterranean

15 January 2019

Meeting of Young Ambassadors of World Heritage

Ibiza, Spain

Southern Europe and Mediterranean

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