The program Mission4City (or “M4C”) offers ad hoc technical assistance to member cities in need, on any subject relating to the management of heritage sites or urban planning. The Program will also help to develop the OWHC’s expertise in various fields and to collect reference material of interest to all member cities.

Above all, the Program aims to unblock situations by enabling a city faced with complex or delicate issues that are the subject of debate to obtain punctual assistance, a different perspective, or simply to benefit from a comparison with other experiences, perhaps even an arbitration. It can also help cities to deepen their knowledge, establish a diagnosis, clarify a procedure, or elucidate the terms of an action plan.

In addition to receiving technical and financial assistance from the General Secretariat, this program enables participating cities to benefit from the expertise of international experts, from a member city, other cities or relevant international organizations.


Any OWHC member city in good standing is eligible.


To find out more about this program, or to find out how to submit a request for assistance, download the technical document below:

Mission4City technical document

Should you have any questions, please contact Andréanne Charest, Programs and Projects Manager: [email protected]

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