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2019 edition

Our 2019 Young Travelling Scholars have finished their trips!

Please find out about the manifold experiences in our World Heritage Cities on the travel blog They also posted regularly on Social Media of OWHC as well as their private accounts.

A collection of their photos as well as their personal output will soon be presented in an exhibition in the Regensburg World Heritage Visitor Centre.

Meet our Winners 2019

Lyubomira Velikova      

Lyubomira is a travel enthusiast, who at the age of 19 moved from her home in Bulgaria to Vienna, Austria to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Her interest in discovering the world and seeing the most of it has been growing ever since.

For this project she is choosing to focus on visiting and learning more about the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in primarily German-speaking countries, such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Led by her interest in the language and the culture around it, she aims to find out as much as possible about cities, that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, but are not amongst the top tourist destinations in Europe.

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Klara Hahn

Hello, my name is Klara, I’m 23 and I have a passion for history, art and embarking on new adventures. Right now I’m studying social education in the marvellous city of Regensburg.

This summer I want to take you with me on my journey around the Alps and getting to know the people and culture of every city and hopefully their country side too.

I’m interested in myths and old fairy tales since I was a little girl. Every city has them and I want to collect and illustrate them on my trip to show a bit of the cultural diversity Europe has to offer.

In my opinion those stories, that were handed down from generation to generation, are part of world heritage, too.

Social Media:
Klara (@facetsofspacey) • Art Account
Klara (@spacey_travels) • Travel Account

Inga Benedix and Elisabeth Kriep


We are Inga and Elisabeth. Next semester we are starting our masters’ degree in collections, provenience and cultural heritage. Through our travels we want to learn how material and immaterial culture is connected. But also, how world heritage has an influence on the people at place and beyond borders. We hope to share our experience with many others to show how world heritage affects us individually and as a community.




María Fernanda Isaza Munera and Emilia Sanchez Gonzalez

My name is Emilia Sánchez González. I was born in the north of Mexico and lived in many different cities throughout the country during my childhood. Perhaps this experience contributed to developing a liking for getting to know different people, ways of living, and consequently for traveling.

After completing my studies in Tourism at the University of Guadalajara, I chose to volunteer for 6 months in Japan with the WWOOF organisation. Not long after coming back home I left again, this time to pursue a M.A. degree in World Heritage Studies at Brandenburg Technische Universität in Cottbus, Germany.

I’m at the last stage of my studies and about to embark on the journey of writing my thesis, focused on the role of indigenous languages in heritage. I enjoy learning about geography and languages. In my free time I like to paint and take photographs. I also love cooking and spending time in nature, specially hiking when it involves reaching a beautiful viewpoint and enjoying some tea at the top.

Maria Fernanda:
My name is Maria Fernanda Isaza Munera, I was born in Medellin, Colombia. I grew up in a small city in the mountains close to Medellin called Rionegro. When I was 10 years old I became a New Zealander by inheritance. After this, my parents always encourage me to travel and study overseas as they themselves did many years ago. This environment prompt my passion for travelling and living abroad, which I started at age 17 after graduating high school.

I have lived in Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, New Zealand and Germany. I am an Art Historian, having started my degree in Spain and later finishing it in Auckland, New Zealand. When I finished my Bachelors, I decided to continue my studies and then I was accepted as a Master candidate in World Heritage Studies at Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus, Germany.

Currently, I am finishing my second semester of the Masters, working and also pursuing opportunities for an internship related to culture and heritage. Lastly, I am truly passionate about traveling and living abroad, I enjoy days at museums and learning about art and history as much as I can. I also enjoy music and live performance as well as reading and photography. One thing I know is that once I feel like I have done enough with my passions in art and heritage, I will like to have my own flower shop.

Pavlína Cerna

My name is Pavlína and I am a 26 years old journalism student, living in Philadelphia. Born in the Czech Republic and moving to the U.S. at the age of 20, I experienced a cultural shock at first, and I fell in love with the feeling – with getting to know local people, getting lost in new cities, trying unknown food and learning everything there is to learn about different cultures. Most importantly – I love experiencing it over and over again. I applied for the OWHC Young Travelling scholarship because the opportunity has been love on first read. Not only I get to do what I love – to travel, but I also get to write about it, which for me, as an aspiring journalist, is a priceless experience. I am excited beyond words for the adventures within reach.

Social Media:
GrumpyCzech (travel account)
PavlinaCZ (personal account)

Portfolio website:

Iga and Vincent

Iga Zwolinska:
My name is Iga Zwolinska and I come from a small town in western part of Poland. I moved to Glasgow in Scotland in 2014 in order to study European Cultures and Civilisation Studies at the University of Glasgow. Since graduating in 2017 I have been working as a freelance curator and event manager: developing artistic, cultural and educational projects, working with cultural festivals, while also writing for independent magazines on the topics of art history, design and exhibitions. I am interested in affiliations between art, culture, sociology and psychology. My projects often refer to multiculturalism as well as topics related to diversity and equality. I believe that with the OWHC Young Travelling Scholarship 2019 I will be able to explore and analyse dynamics between cities, their structures, architecture, culture and society.

I’m interested in how various changes affected different culture heritage sites and what’s their value for contemporary societies and future generations. As an output of my research I would like to produce diverse material which will show my wholesome research and experience from the trip.

Vincent Langaard:
My name is Vincent Langaard and I come from a small town in Norway near Oslo. I have a bachelor degree in Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, but currently reside in Oslo where I continue to develop my multifaceted career, which mainly consists of painting, writing and drawing. I am particularly interested in how the roles of art and artists are constantly changing in our society, which I try to reflect by combining traditional and contemporary mediums, references and topics. With the OWHC Young Travelling Scholarship 2019 I will be able to see and study many of the sites, buildings and cities that make up our collective cultural heritage. By reproducing their visual properties with an artistic language, I hope to contribute to their preservation as well as inspire more people to travel. It is by new impressions and perspectives that we learn and this is what makes the heritage sites invaluable. I am also interested in broadening my understanding of different cultures and their respective preferred aesthetic dialects, in the hope that this might improve my own processes.


Gaby and Ellie

Gaby and Ellie are two rising third-years at The University of Pennsylvania. Gaby is originally from Jakarta, Indonesia and is studying Architecture, while Ellie is from Beijing, China and studies Art History. They first met in an Architectural Art History class (fittingly) and quickly bonded over common interests of design and travel. Together, they travelled across Spain to visit Gaudi’s masterpieces and eat (way too much) good food. You can keep up to date with their adventures through their joint travel Instagram account at @press_to_escape ! In the mean time, here’s a picture of the two of them in Plaza Mayor, Madrid.

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Instagram: @rr_chi and @gablynn22
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