2024 – Cordoba, Spain



The city of Cordoba, Spain, will host the 17th OWHC World Congress from September 24 to 27, 2024.

In this section of the website dedicated to the 17th World Congress, you’ll find a wealth of relevant information related to the preparation of the congress, its content and your participation.

Don’t hesitate to contact the General Secretariat if you have any queries: [email protected] and tag your preparations with #OWHCCordoba2024!

Córdoba takes the baton from Quebec and will host from September 24 to 27, 2024 the 17th World Congress of the Organization of World Heritage Cities.

This is an important challenge as we take on the mandate to identify the challenges that cities face when it comes to setting a bold and joint strategy to reconcile the human aspect with the urban one and the environment.

It is a difficult but exciting task because it involves discussing what we have at stake to find solutions that can be implemented in a concrete, quick and effective way.

Cordoba is very proud to host the next meeting of the World Congress and we take it on knowing that it will allow us to project at an international level what our city treasures.

Today we are a paradigm of management of cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO as a reference of humanity and now we are going to position ourselves within the world as an example in the protection of our historical legacy.

The city is prepared and has all the human, technical and space capacity to host this top-level meeting, which will bring together political representatives and managers of heritage sites from more than 200 cities around the world that, like Cordoba, have in their municipalities at least one world heritage declaration.

This world meeting to be held in 2024 coincides with the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the declaration of the Mosque-Cathedral and the 25th anniversary of the extension of the historic center of Cordoba as a world heritage site; I invite you to celebrate it together.

Cordoba, a city with four world heritage sites, is a place to wander and enjoy.

Its rich cultural and monumental heritage, with the Cathedral-Mosque as its flagship, is our main introduction letter and the attraction par excellence for the thousands of tourists who visit us every year. Furthermore, Cordoba treasures a history that is trapped in the streets of its historic center, which makes it unique and invites to walk around it full of emotions.

Its alleys keep safe the history of a land that was the cradle of the four cultures, but at the same time a land that is forging a future full of development opportunities.

The 17th World Congress of the Organization of World Heritage Cities to be held in Cordoba is the right time for you to have a closer look to our historic, cultural and heritage legacy and to know the feeling of a land that advances unstoppably towards a promising future.