Saint Petersburg
Russian Federation

About Regional Secretariats

Objectives of the Regional Secretariats

The General Secretariat is supported by Regional Secretariats, which are groupings of Members formed on the basis of cultural, linguistic or geographical affinities and who share common concerns and needs. In addition to supporting the implementation of the activities of the OWHC Action Plan, the activities of the Regional Secretariats aim to :

make known and share the values and objectives of the Organization, while valuing the original contribution of the region according to its cultural and social particularities

promote the Organization and develop it by attracting new members

The Regional Secretariats are located in the following member cities, elected by their regional network every four (4) years during Regional Meetings that take place during the World Congresses:

Gyeongju, République de Corée

Morelia, Mexique

Regional Coordinators

Dr. Matthias Ripp

Regional Coordinator - Northwest Europe and North America
Regensburg, Germany

Mr. Michal Krasucki

Regional Coordinator - Eastern and Central Europe
Warsaw, Poland

Mr. Rafael Perez de la Concha Camacho

Regional Coordinator - Southern Europe and Mediterranean
Cordoba, Spain

Mr. Gaspar Hernández Razo

Regional Coordinator - Latin America
Morelia, Mexico

Mr. Sung-rak Lee

Regional Coordinator - Asia-Pacific
Gyeongju, Republic of Korea