Solidarity Day 2010

First of all, the city of Bamberg, Germany, commemorated the Solidarity Day of World Heritage Cities by collecting donations for the restoration of Pakistani World Heritage sites that have been devastated following the terrible flood of last summer. The mayor of Bamberg, Mr. Andreas Starke, and the World Heritage site Manager of the city, Mrs. Dr. Karin Dengler-Schreiber, collected donations.


Next, the city of Québec, Canada, celebrated Solidarity Day of World Heritage Cities by organizing many activities.

In the first place, a conference given by geographer Henri Dorion as well as historian and photographer Pierre Lahoud was held at theMusée de l’Amérique française, one of the most beautiful heritage sites of the city of Québec. The picture below illustrates this conference in which the two professors compared the city of Québec to other cities that are on the World Heritage List, by pointing out their identity and common challenges.

On the other hand, the event Archives à voix haute (Archives read aloud) was held at the Artillery Park, right in the middle of the historic centre of Québec. This event involved performers of the city who read selected excerpts from archives that allowed spectators to guess, sense and see the city through the eyes of the people who lived in other times.


Furthermore, the city of Nessebar, Bulgaria, marked Solidarity Day of World Heritage Cities by launching its restoration project of the church of St. John the Baptist, one of the iconic churches of the city’s cultural heritage. Heritage specialists, municipal representatives, as well as members of the local community and of the media attended this event at the Nessebar Ancient Museum. The mayor of Nessebar, Mr. Nikolai Dimitrov, participated in the event with the Deputy Mayor for Culture, Education and International Collaboration, Ms. Eli Kirilova.


In addition, the Mexican cities of Puebla and Oaxaca contributed to celebrate Solidarity Day of World Heritage Cities within the scope of theIII Encuentro Iberoamerícano de Patrimonitos that was held on September 8, 2010, in Oaxaca, Mexico. The mayor of Puebla, Ms. Blanca Alcalá Ruiz, participated in the event as a representative of the OWHC.


Finally, the city of Zanzibar, Tanzania, celebrated Solidarity Day of World Heritage Cities by doing a clean-up of its beaches.


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