The Complex of Hue Monuments has a historical and cultural value recognized by UNESCO as the cultural heritage of mankind, and is an invaluable cultural asset of the country. Preservation of the cultural heritage of Hue ancient capital is to preserve the nation’s cultural asset, contribute to preserving and educating the tradition and cultural identity, raise the cultural enjoyment of people, enrich the cultural treasure of humanity.

Hue ancient capital is a rare model in planning and building; an Eastern feudal capital retaining quite intact the overall artistic architecture of the royal court, with the system of citadel, palaces, temples, mausoleums, pagodas, bridges, etc. It is a huge treasure of tangible cultural heritages of international stature and value, which should continue to be preserved and embellished in accordance with the international conventions on the protection of culture and heritage to which Vietnam is a party.

The objectives 

In order to effectively promote the values of Hue ancient capital relics and preserve a vast and typical cultural resource of Vietnamese national culture, step by step establish elements of space, landscape and majestic appearance of an exemplary ancient capital, contributing to embellishing the urban and stabilizing the lives of nearly 20,000 people, creating an important driving force to promote socio-economic development of Thua Thien Hue and the Central; the focus on household relocation out of zone I to protect the monuments of Hue Citadel is an urgent issue today.

Conservation, restoration and embellishment of Hue Citadel system (Household relocation, site clearance in Zone I of Hue Citadel belonging to the complex of Hue monuments) with supporting policy framework for people in accordance with local resources and meeting the aspirations of people living in relocated areas. This project relocates and stabilizes households in 04 wards inside Hue Citadel and 3 wards adjacent to Hue Citadel and builds a resettlement area in Huong So ward with an area of 83.71 ha with complete and modern infrastructure. After completing the residential relocation, the work of preserving, restoring and embellishing the original elements of the monument will be implemented based on historical records and documents to promote the value of Hue Citadel.

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