Capacity Building Workshop

Capacity Building Workshop

1st edition

In 2017, the OWHC Regional Secretariat for Northwest Europe and North America organized a successful workshop on heritage management and communication in Vienna. During this workshop, it became clear that knowledge and expertise in citizen and local community involvement is an important factor contributing to the successful work of heritage managers.

The OWHC General Secretariat then organized another training workshop for experts on citizen participation in cultural heritage. Offered to all OWHC members, the event took place on June 1-2, 2019, in Krakow.

This new workshop was interactive and integrated different kinds of approaches: theoretical input, practical participation with the instructor, practice exercises on methods, discussions on the exercises/methods, working on personal cases/issues presented by participants, group discussions, individual reflection, Q&A sessions, etc.

Many thanks to Lisa Purker (PlanSinn) for the animation of the workshop.
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