Previous World Congresses

2005 – Cuzco, Peru

Heritage of Humankind, a Heritage with Humanity

2005: A success in terms of novelties in Cuzco (Peru)

The Cuzco Symposium was extremely successful as far as the number of participants, the quality of the thematic discussions and the innovations were concerned. As a matter of fact, 1,150 participants from the four corners of the globe received a warm welcome in this Inca capital. The theme, “Heritage of Humankind, a Heritage with Humanity”, meticulously developed by the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI), encouraged discussions among the participants. With regard to innovations, the GCI had also developed, at the request of the OWHC, a day of training intended for the new Mayors of World Heritage cities. Participation in this workshop was so far above the initial expectations that the number of registrations had to be limited. On the other hand, a fine initiative of the Mayor of Cuzco made it possible for 650 students to follow the participants’ deliberations on a large screen in a separate conference hall. Thus, the local population was able to benefit directly from the knowledge in matters of heritage of the many specialists who came from all over the world. Cuzco spared no effort to welcome warmly the people: a convention centre was even inaugurated for the occasion. Finally, a new election process was implemented, and the city of Kazan in Russia was elected to host the 9th world symposium in 2007.

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