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2003 – Rhodes, Greece

Keeping Heritage Alive – Education and training for the preservation and management of cultural heritage

2003: A world class symposium in Rhodes (Greece)

Whether it be because of the quality of the presentations or the origin of the 922 participants, the professional level of the organization or else the events that were held, this OWHC symposium will make history. Specific workshops intended for the mayors who hold power, specialists who have the know-how and the young people to whom the future belongs were organized and were concluded by a common session focussed on shaping the future of the OWHC. The very structure of the OWHC was reviewed through the adoption of new by-laws. Moreover, the participants took the opportunity to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the OWHC. In addition, the Mayors of the following cities were elected to the Board of Directors: Rhodes (President), Vilnius (Vice-President Treasurer), Bergen, Cordoba, Cuenca Kazan, Puebla and Sousse (Vice-Presidents). The city of Cusco in Peru was chosen to be the host of the 8th International Symposium of the OWHC in 2005.

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2024 – Cordoba, Spain

Previous World Congresses