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Regional Secretariats

The General Secretariat of the OWHC relies on the support of a network of 8 Regional Secretariats throughout the world. Based in different member cities of the OWHC the primary mission of the Regional Secretariats is to serve as a link between the member cities of their particular region and the General Secretariat. Their main goals are:

Grouping together cities that share cultural, linguistic or geographic affinities;

Assisting the General Secretariat in producing documents intended for members, data collection and the organization of relevant events;

Representing, when necessary, the General Secretariat at events in which the latter is invited to participate;

Organizing in their regions activities intended to promote the Organization’s values and objectives.

Honor Table

South America

Cities non-members of a Regional Secretariat

Arequipa  /  Bergen  /  Bern  /  Boeun  /  Bridgetown  /  Camaguey  /  Colonia del Sacramento  /  Cuenca  /  Cuzco  /  Dakar  /  Guanajuato  /  Gwangju  /  Havana  /  Hue  /  Istanbul  /  Kathmandu  /  Kolding  /  Konya  /  Melaka  /  Mombasa  /  Moscow  /  Muharraq  /  Olinda  /  Quito  /  Riga  /  Saint Petersburg  /  St George  /  Suzhou  /  Tel-Aviv-Yafo  /  Trinidad  /  Tunis  /  Valparaíso  /  Vatican City  /  Vigan  /  Willemstad  /  Yerevan**  /  Zanzibar

** Observer member