Matthias Ripp – Regensburg (Germany)

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A message as part of the UNESCO campaign #ShareOurHeritage

Good afternoon, my name is Matthias Ripp. I’m the site manager for the World Heritage site Regensburg in Bavaria. And we are also affected by the Coronavirus, so at the moment our very popular World Heritage visitor center had to close down and no one can go inside and experience it. And this is a pity because around this time of the year at Easter, usually people start to travel and come to the city.

Regensburg has always been a place of meeting starting from historical times and the imperial diet and it has always been an international city, so when these meetings cannot take place, it is obviously affecting the total experience that we have of the city.

But nevertheless, if you look at the website,, you can still find a lot of material like pictures, movies and PDFs, to learn about the site.

And let’s keep the city in our heart even in those difficult times. And I join the UNESCO campaign, #ShareOurHeritage. Thank you!