Aranjuez, Spain

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Regional secretariat

Administrative status

City of the Community of Madrid

Aranjuez Cultural Landscape

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Historical function

Landscape architecture and multiculturalism

Location and site

Located in the South Community of Madrid, Aranjuez is at the confluence of the Tajo and Jarama rivers.

Registration criteria

Criterion (ii): Aranjuez represents the coming together of diverse cultural influences to create a cultural landscape that had a formative influence on further developments in this field.

Criterion (iv): The complex designed cultural landscape of Aranjuez, derived from a variety of sources, marks a seminal stage in the development of landscape design.

Historical reference

The Aranjuez cultural landscape is an entity of complex relationships: between nature and human activity, between sinuous watercourses and geometric landscape design, between the rural and the urban, between forest landscape and the delicately modulated architecture of its palatial buildings. Three hundred years of royal attention to the development and care of this landscape have seen it express an evolution of concepts from humanism and political centralization, to characteristics such as those found in its eighteenth-century French-style Baroque garden, to the urban lifestyle which developed alongside the sciences of plant acclimatization and stock-breeding during the Age of Enlightenment.



22 March 2017

Young Ambassadors of World Heritage

Aranjuez, Spain

27 February 2017

First Meeting of Young Ambassadors

Aranjuez, Spain

Southern Europe and Mediterranean

24 February 2015

2nd Exposure Photography Competition Youth of the World Heritage Cities

Aranjuez, Spain

Southern Europe and Mediterranean

5 August 2014

Seminar “Regulations on the cultural heritage today: The City in the Landscape”

Aranjuez, Spain

Southern Europe and Mediterranean


Dña Cristina Moreno Moreno

Alcaldesa de Aranjuez
Ayuntamiento del Real Sitio y Villa de Aranjuez

Plaza de la Constitución, s/n
Aranjuez, España

+34.91 809.0363

Dña. María Del Pozo López

Fundación Aranjuez Paisaje Cultural

C/ Capitán, 39
Aranjuez, España

+34 91 8924386 ext. 1417

Sr. David Estrada Ballesteros

Primer Teniente de Alcalde. Delegado de Patrimonio Histórico
Ayuntamiento de Aranjuez

Plaza de la Constitución s/n
Aranjuez, España

+34 91 8090363