27 February 2017

First Meeting of Young Ambassadors

Aranjuez, Spain

From  22 –  24 March, 2017 we will be holding the First Meeting of Young World Heritage Ambassadors in Aranjuez (Spain), under the frame of the OWHC.

This will be an occasion for young people of the cities  to meet, share and disseminate  heritage values of our respective sites and  to work together with people from other cities  in order to create a joint platform for  Our Heritage dissemination.

Thanks to the funding of the General Secretariat of the OWHC and the Regional Secretariat of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, we can cover the costs of accommodation and maintenance for both the young  Ambassador and a local representative of each participant city.  The participant City will only have to  assume the travel expenses  (Technician and ambassador) to Aranjuez.

Here your are  enclosed the inscription sheet  (information of the young ambassador and the local representative)  and some useful information about the running of the Meeting  and the information to be provided by  the cities when in Aranjuez,  as well.

I remind you that it is imperative that the young representative of each city have to be 18-23 year old and to have a good level of English because this will be the working language.

Regarding to Visas, Spain is a Schengen country. Please contact the Spanish Embassy or Consulate  in your country  or city for further information.

Waiting  for your news and with my best regards from Aranjuez

María del Pozo López

Coordinadora Taller Patrimonio y Juventud

Proyecto “I Encuentro Jóvenes Embajadores del Patrimonio Mundial”

MORE INFORMATION: mdel[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]