25 September 2018

25 years World Heritage Bamberg in a digital version

Bamberg, Germany

Centre World Heritage Bamberg and Media Group Upper Franconia publish internet platform for the jubilee year

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Old Town of Bamberg as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Centre World Heritage Bamberg has put together a diverse program of events for the year 2018 together with numerous local players. Now a new multimedia storyboard gives an overview of the highlights.

The storyboard, an online platform for stories, captivates with its high-quality picture and video material and allows those who are interested to experience the World Heritage Jubilee Year digitally. It informs about the lecture series “Around the World Heritage” in which experts point out different facets of the World Heritage, and the special tours “25×25 into the museum” through the local museums and collections, which are offered on the 25th day of each month.

There are also impressive pictures of the installation of the “Reverse Graffiti” by the artist Klaus Dauven at the Lower Bridge. If you did not attend the “Bamberg on Tour” cycle tour in May with Mayor Andreas Starke through the Bamberg World Heritage, you can get a digital impression of the event. Citizens will also have their say in short videos shot during the World Heritage Weekend in June.

“World Heritage as a joint task can be conveyed visually very well,” said World Heritage Manager Patricia Alberth about the media project in collaboration with the media group Upper Franconia.

The storytelling platform for the World Heritage Jubilee is available at http://storyboard.infranken.de/25-jahre-unesco-welterbe#161171 and is constantly being supplemented by new content.

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