28 June 2018

Drawing Contest | A Youthful Vision

Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia


The drawing contest has been organised by the Municipality of Banská Štiavnica since 1995 and is for children from the World Heritage Cities. The drawing contest is inspired by the inscription of the Historic Town of Banská Štiavnica and the Technical Monuments in its Vicinity to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993. Every year we receive an average of 2000 works from all over the world. The jury awards 3 best works in each category as well as certificates of honour. Awarded works exhibition opening takes place in June in Banská Štiavnica, later the exhibition is hosted by other World Heritage cities, such as Budapest in 2016 and 2017 or Luxemburg in 2018.

©Ján Petrík



World Heritage – A Youthful Vision 2018

This 24th year, the organizers received as many as 1,668 entries from more than 120 schools in 27 World Heritage Cities of 19 countries (Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brasil, Chile, Czech Republic, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia, Morocco, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Malaysia and Slovakia). The jury awarded:


Category up to 9 years old
1st prize
  • Artem Petrosyan, Biblioteka Nr. 1 ,Studio  “Etud“, Sofijskaya Str. 48-1-175, 192 236 St.  Petersburg, Russian Federation
2nd prize
  • Daryna Fiyalkovich, Children´s Art School Nr. 5, Khutorivka Str. 28, 790 70 Lviv, Ukraine
  • Katarína Ursíniová, J. Horák Primary School, P. Dobšinského 17, 969 01  Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia
3rd prize
  • Jolana Tomková, DDM Prague 3 – Ulita, Na Balkáně 2866/17a, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic
  • Šimon Porubský, M. Vilec Primary Art School, Hurbanova 10, 085 01 Bardejov, Slovakia


Category 10-12 years old
1st prize
  • Anna Dolzhikova and Alexandra Florovskaya, Children´s Art School Nr. 7, Yuta Bondarovskaya 21, L. A.., St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
2nd prize
  • Elizabete Safonova, High School Nr. 21, Tomsona 35, Riga, Latvia
  • Zofia Reizer, Primary School Nr. 29, Al. Dembowskiego 12, 30-540 Kraków, Poland
  • Anastasiya Sudilovskaya, “Kitezz plus”, Torzkovskaya 30-A, 197 343 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
3rd prize
  • Sofia Matos Cutrim, Núcleo De Enriqueumento, De estudantes com alta, Habilidades e Superdotaq, Neecahis, Sao Luís, Brasil
  • Diana Peťková a Karolína Lepáčeková, ZŠ J. Horáka, P. Dobšinského 17, Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia


Category 13-15 years old
1st prize
  • Alexandra Alekseeva, Grammar School Nr. 190, Fontanka 22, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
2nd prize
  • Lev Moshenkin, Children´s Art School Nr. 3, Red Str . 4/1A, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
3rd prize
  • Kamila Gilmanova, Lycei Nr. 177, Musina 17, Kazan, Russian Federation
  • Ayalguu (Lenka) Khulan, T. Masaryk Primary School, Jiráskovy sady 387, Kutná    Hora, Czech Republic



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