19 July 2017

Visit in Regensburg from Philadelphia Councilman Mr. Taubenberger

Regensburg, Germany

Councilman Mr. Taubenberger from Philadelphia visited Regensburg


Within a private journey with a youth soccer team Mr. Taubenberger, Councilman of Philadelphia, took the chance to visit the City of Regensburg on 13th of July 2017. Philadelphia is inscribed in the World Heritage list since 1979 with the Independence Hall where the declaration of Independence and the Constitution of America was signed. Philadelphia is a member of the OWHC since 2013.


Mr. Taubenberger was interested to get information about the work and projects of the World Heritage Coordination in Regensburg in general and the World Heritage visitor centre in special. He was given a tour through the visitor centre and had the chance to meet the World Heritage Coordinator Mr. Ripp in order to exchange experiences and ideas for further cooperation.


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