30 January 2017

World Heritage Bamberg – What?

Bamberg, Germany

The quiz about the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bamberg is now also available in English

Anyone who tours Bamberg UNESCO World Heritage site will now also be able to do it in a fun way with the English version of the established World Heritage Quiz Cards.  Such the Center World Heritage Bamberg not only attracts the attention on a local level, but also internationally – and in a compact and playful way. The 10 most frequent questions around the world heritage “Old Town of Bamberg” are bundled in a pocket card format. In this way visitors can put their knowledge to the test and learn new things.

With the instructive booklet, different groups are addressed: from foreign visitors to guest students to newcomers. It is also a building block for Bamberg’s welcome culture for refugees. The World Heritage Convention is an instrument of international understanding, for which language is an important key. The “10 QUESTIONS” were designed compactly and informatively for optimal knowledge transfer. “The format is intended to invite us to test our knowledge in a playful way,” explains the director of the Center World Heritage Bamberg, Patricia Alberth. “Our quiz is also a response to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee’s assessment that the world heritage education is still a viable option.” The quiz-fan is an ideal companion for visiting the World Heritage site and encourages self-guided research on the history of Bamberg and the importance of the cultural heritage.

Start the quiz by answering this: What other cultural heritage does Bamberg have in addition to the UNESCO World Heritage site? The answer can be found in the quiz, which is available at the Zentrum Welterbe Bamberg and in digital form at www.welterbe.bamberg.de.

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