10 October 2016

Salzburg edits 4th edition of the World Heritage Booklets

Salzburg, Austria

The Old Town of Salzburg was granted the distinction “World Cultural Heritage” in 1996 by UNESCO. Religious and secular buildings from various centuries, framed by the cities’ mountains, constitute the unique ensemble, amongst them up to thousand buildings with their history from medieval times to this day. Surprising stories hide behind each facade, and some of them are re-discovered in the special booklet editions of the Salzburg World Heritage team. Be invited to explore already the 4th booklet of the series with interesting insights on the history of the houses of the poor people’s district.

In August 2016, the 4th edition of the booklets about the Salzburg “Burgher Houses” was published, this time leading the reader into the poor people’s district up on the hill.

Please download the pdf or write to [email protected] to receive a printed version.