4 July 2016

Philadelphia’s new branding as World Heritage City

Philadelphia, United States

Becoming a full member of the OWHC last November was a major step for Philadelphia: as the United States first World Heritage city, Mayor Jim Kenney now announced that Philadelphia will celebrate its own World Heritage Day. Every year, the fourth Thursday of May would be dedicated to celebrate. A special stategic plan was made in cooperation of Global Philadelphia Association together with the City of Philadelphia “to realize the potential in the city’s new status”.

With a very new branding for Philadelphia, everyone will realize the fact of its new status. On occasion of the unveiling of the new logo, also the OWHC flag was unrolled.

Learn more about the manifold activities of Philadelphia on the GPA website under http://globalphiladelphia.org/

1. Mayor Kenney announces the new Philadelphia World Heritage Day

2. Unveiling the OWHC flag

3. The new branding for WH city Philadelphia