20 August 2015

17 year old student wins Video competition of the OWHC in Regensburg

Regensburg, Germany

„My City – our World Heritage“ was the title of the contest organized by the OWHC General Secretariat. It invited young people at the ages between 14 and 21 to produce and submit a personal Video of their World Heritage city. Because it was an international competition, the videos had to be submitted in English, French or Spanish language – a special challenge for German pupils.

The World Heritage Coordination in Regensburg participated in the competition and informed secondary schools and youth centres in the city to take part in the competition by use of posters and social media. Moreover, they offered a reward for the winner. The local jury chose the video clip of 17-year-old Franziska Heinemann from Regensburg as Regensburg winner.

As a special approval of her work, Franziska received 100 Euro as well as a book-voucher and may hope for the international price. Her video stands for the World Heritage City of Regensburg and is therefore competing against the other participating OWHC member cities. The winner of the competition will be awarded at the World Congress of the OWHC in Arequipa (Peru) in November.


photo: Joachim Wolbergs, Mayor of Regensburg, and Christine Schimpfermann, Head of Building Division of the city, congratulate Franziska on her winning video