5 May 2015

Bamberg Gardeners’ District presents itself in Venice

Bamberg, Germany

The Bamberg “Market Gardeners’ District” is part of an exhibition of the UNESCO-office in Venice on food sustainability. Movies from the Gardener and Häcker museum showing traditional farming methods of Bamberg gardeners will be on display there. The opening will take place on Tuesday, May 5 at the Palazzo Zorzi, Venice. The exhibition is a contribution to the UNESCO World EXPO in Milan, which is themed “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, and will be open until 31 October, likewise. Side-exhibits can also be seen in the Botanical Garden of Padua, in the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park and the Regional Park of the Po Delta.

“We were extremely honored to receive the invitation of UNESCO to present Bamberg’s horticultural heritage as a good example of living sustainability in conjunction with the Expo”, says Patricia Alberth, director of the Centre World Heritage Bamberg. “Through the exhibition, an international audience can learn about the skills and knowledge of the Bamberg gardeners.”

For detailed information on Bamberg and the Expo project, please contact Patricia Alberth from the Centre World Heritage Bamberg