20 January 2015

Bamberg awards winner of the OWHC Photo Competition

Bamberg, Germany

Friedrich Hager won the 2014 photo contest organized by the World Heritage Office of the City of Bamberg (Zentrum Welterbe Bamberg) and the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC). On 15 January 2015, Bamberg’s Mayor Dr Christian Lange and the Head of the World Heritage Office of the City of Bamberg, Patricia Alberth, awarded the prize money of 350 Euros to the winner.

The motto of the photo contest was “Modern Life in an Old City”. Friedrich Hager’s photo “Tradition with an earring” interprets this motto focusing on contrasts between old and new in a unique way: It shows a man wearing an earring during Corpus Christi procession (a traditional catholic parade) in Bamberg’s historical centre.

Besides the distinctive motif it was the high photographical quality that convinced not only the local but also the international jury. On the international level of the OWHC photo competition, Friedrich Hager’s submission from Bamberg came second after Warsaw.

Photo: Patricia Alberth (left) and Mayor Dr Christian Lange (right) awarding the winner, Friedrich Hager (middle)