28 August 2013

Barbara Ossyssek wins the Photo Competition Literally OWHC in Regensburg

Regensburg, Germany

[[{“fid”:”1584″,”view_mode”:”teaser”,”type”:”media”,”attributes”:{“class”:”media-element file-teaser”},”link_text”:null}]]On 22 August 2013 Christine Schimpfermann, Planning and Building Division Officer, handed over a cheque for 500 Euros to Barbara Ossyssek, the winner of the photo competition “Literally OWHC” in Regensburg. 

The winning photo shows a picturesque city view of Regensburg with its 2 famous landmarks, St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Old Stone Bridge. In the foreground on the river bank the letters OWHC are shown, formed by large pebbles.

Apart from Regensburg 8 other OWHC member cities from Germany, Austria, Poland, England and the Czech Republic participated in the photo competition and selected their winner.

Among these 9 winners the overall winning photo will be chosen soon by a jury composed of representatives of the General Secretariat, the Regional Secretariat Northwest Europe and one OWHC member city.