12 December 2012

Regensburg – Seat of the Regional Secretariat North West Europe

Regensburg, Germany

On the 21st of November the OWHC´s Board of Directors decided to entrust the City of Regensburg with the management of the Regional Secretariat of Northwest Europe. We applied because we are convinced that our ideas create chances and opportunities in the working fields of the OWHC regional network.

Our main objectives are to communicate the importance of being a member of the OWHC and to strengthen its regional role. We are convinced that being a member of OWHC is a “conditio sine qua non” for a World Heritage city, not only because the network operates globally, but also due to the immense pool of expertise that such an organization can provide. That is our reason for focusing on the communication of the benefits of a OWHC membership. For these reasons we focus on communicating OWHC membership benefits.