Vienna Declaration – Cities Facing Development and Preservation (2019)

Authors: Amsterdam, Aranjuez, Baku, Berlin, Bordeaux, Bruges, Brussels, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Edinburg, Istanbul, Krakow, Liverpool, Lyon, Mexico, Moscow, Prague, Puebla, Quebec, Quito, Rabat, Riga, St. Petersburg, Suzhou, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Vienna, Warsaw
Category: Declarations and Recommendations
Year: 2019
Language: English


Summary: The Vienna Declaration was prepared in a two-stage consultation process prior to the OWHC Workshop and Conference in February 2019. This process was designed to establish a common ground among the relevant stakeholders regarding the issues of development and preservation as seen from the cities’ perspective.

The first stage was intended to develop a general vision of diverse issues by means of an online opinion poll. Comments, suggestions and amendments were considered and based on this feedback a first draft of the Vienna Declaration was completed. ln the second stage of the consultation process, stakeholders were invited to comment on this position paper in line with their respective local situation and experience. Based on this individual feedback, the second and final draft was prepared and sent to the managers of World Heritage Cities.

At the conference in February, theVienna Declaration was signed by the relevant stakeholders.