World Heritage Recipes – Enjoy the Taste of World Heritage (2019)

Coordination: Matthias Ripp, Regional Coordinator of the Northwest Europe and North America Regional Secretariat of the OWHC
Editorial Work: Monika Göttler, Jakob Helmhold, Matthias Ripp
Category: Enjoy World Heritage
Year: 2019
Language: English (also available in German)


Summary: This brochure was created by the Secretariat for Northwest Europe and North America, hosted by the City of Regensburg, Germany. We promote communi-cation between member cities and organize regular meetings with experts and delegates from each city to discuss ideas and problems. We also try to bring World Heritage closer to our own citizens by organizing projects and events, like photo and video competitions or travel scholarships.

In this brochure, we combine tangible and intangible heritage: we not only inform you about the outstanding universal value of our World Heritage cities, but also give you insights about each city’s culinary heritage. By providing an easy to follow recipe about each region’s most famous dish, we invite you to taste a delicious heritage.

Have fun, and enjoy trying out our international recipes!