Regional Secretariats

There is a total of 6 Regional Secretariats supporting the General Secretariat. They can currently be found in those cities:

Gyeongju (Republic of Korea)

Warsaw (Poland)

Kazan (Russia)

Morelia (Mexico)

Regensburg (Germany)

A Regional Secretariat represents the link between member cities of a given region and the General Secretariat and organizes activities in the region to publicize and share the values, goals, and objectives of the OWHC.

Objectives of the Regional Secretariats

The main goals of the Regional Secretariats are:

grouping together cities that share cultural, linguistic or geographic affinities;

assisting the General Secretariat in producing documents intended for members, data collection and the organization of relevant events;

representing, when necessary, the General Secretariat at events in which the latter is invited to participate;

organizing in their region activities intended to promote the Organization’s values and objectives.