Brugge, Belgium

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The historic town of Brugge is testimony, over a long period, to a considerable exchange of influences on architectural development, particularly on brick Gothic, as well as favoring innovative artistic influences. It is an outstanding example of an architectural ensemble, illustrating significant stages in commercial and cultural medieval Europe, of which the public, social and religious institutions are a living testimony. The town of Brugge is the birthplace of the Flemish Primitives and a center of patronage and develop^ment of medieval visual arts.




M. Dirk De fauw

Ville de Bruges

Burg 12
Bruges, Belgique

00.32 (0)50 44 81 13

Mme Brigitte Beernaert

Lic. Histoire de l'art
Département des Monuments historiques

Oostmeers 17
B- 8000 Bruges, Belgique

+32 50 47 23 82