17 May 2024

The OWHC Regional Conference of Eastern and Central Europe was successfully held in Split and Dubrovnik (Croatia)

The OWHC Regional Conference for Eastern and Central Europe, titled “Preventive Measures for Risks – the World Heritage Sites Perspective”, took place from May 6 to May 9, 2024 in Split and Dubrovnik. The conference featured a mix of lectures, discussions, site visits, and cultural activities, bringing together experts and representatives from various cities to discuss risk management and preservation strategies for World Heritage Sites.

During the public part of the conference there were 5 lectures:

  • Dr. Serdar Günay: “Risk reduction measures for the WH sites”
  • Kateryna Chuyeva: “Wartime and risks for the cultural heritage: experience of Ukraine”
  • Tonći Prodan, PhD: “Development of the Risk Management Plan for the Old Town Center of the City of Split (ZONE A) – process and results”
  • Dr. Mario Uroš: “Seismic assessment of buildings in the Old City of Dubrovnik and strengthening measures”
  • Dr. Josip Atalić: “Seismic risk in Zagreb”

The annual regional meeting for OWHC CEER member cities was held, focusing on the activities report for 2023-24, budget report for 2023, plans for 2024, and an open discussion.

David Johnson presented an update on the OWHC Assistance Program in case of Emergencies, and then led a workshop in which conference participants worked to further develop the program.

In addition, representatives of member cities had the opportunity to see a presentation by Iryna Chernenko (Kyiv) on the protection of Ukrainian cultural heritage from war damage, a presentation by Jasna Popović (Trogir) on fire risk mitigation, and a presentation by Mihaela Skurić (Dubrovnik) on antiseismic restoration of cultural heritage.

Overall, the conference was a significant step towards enhancing preventive measures for risks at World Heritage Sites, fostering collaboration, and sharing best practices among member cities.