27 February 2024

HECITAG Magazine: Stories of World Heritage Cities’ resilience after disasters

The OWHC is proud to share the publication of the Winter 2023-2024 Edition of HECITAG magazine (produced by the Asia-Pacific Regional Secretariat), one section of which highlights inspiring testimonials of city resilience after disasters. As part of the development of its future “Assistance Program in case of Emergencies”, the many discussions and meetings held with certain member cities inspired the OWHC to disseminate some of these stories.

The cities of Havana, Istanbul and Banska Stiavnika generously agreed to share their respective experiences in a captivating narrative format, accompanied by authentic images illustrating their stories.

As these cities overcame devastating ordeals that affected their heritage, they set out to detail the immediate impact on the community and historic buildings, describing as best they could the reality experienced during and after the disaster. The cities also share the restoration and reconstruction efforts undertaken, describing the actions taken to restore the affected areas, enabling them to continue preserving their heritage.

We would like to express our gratitude to these 3 cities for sharing their poignant stories. Their courage and determination illustrate the strength of communities in the face of disaster, and encourage the OWHC to continue its efforts to support member cities in emergency situations. We would also like to thank the Asia-Pacific Regional Secretariat, which has agreed to collaborate in disseminating these stories through their magazine HECITAG.

The articles are available in English, and you can download the magazine in PDF format by clicking on the button below:

HECITAG Magazine – Winter 2023-2024 Edition