29 January 2024

Start preparing for the 17th World Congress of the OWHC in Cordoba!

It is now time for OWHC members to join the process of preparation of the 17th World Congress of the OWHC, to be held from September 24 to 27, 2024 in Cordoba, Spain. The next eight months will be a period of intense work, with many opportunities for you to get involved and shape the future of our organization.

“On the road to Cordoba”: The journey to the World Congress

“On the road to Cordoba” brings together the actions that will be implemented in preparation for the congress, which will be a crucial moment for the OWHC, as it will provide decisive impetus to strengthening the organization’s political dimension and operational capabilities. The following stages and deadlines should be kept in mind:

The work of the Roadmap to build the Symposium

The Symposium of the 17th World Congress will address the theme of livability. All OWHC member cities are thus encouraged to join the Roadmap at any time up to the Congress, either by participating in the actions of the Collaborative Networks, or by piloting work on new Thematics. The results, findings and challenges arising from this participatory engineering will be the cornerstone of the Symposium.

A General Assembly with the 2024-2026 Action Plan in focus

The 27th General Assembly will reconfirm the cities’ support for the transformation of the OWHC, elect a new Board of Directors and adopt the 2024-2026 Action Plan. Members will also be able to vote on the creation of new partnership opportunities in view of the OWHC’s “New Urban Project”!

Stay tuned, follow the progress of the work and consult the OWHC website to be better prepared!

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For further information, please contact the General Secretariat at [email protected]