2024 – Cordoba, Spain

On the Road to Cordoba

“On the Road to Cordoba” brings together the actions that will be implemented in preparation for the 17th World Congress of the OWHC, which will be held from September 24 to 27, 2024 in Cordoba, Spain.

The Congress will consist of two key moments, closely interrelated:

The 27th General Assembly of the Organization will be invited, among other things, to discuss the 2024-2026 Action Plan based on the progress made under the 2021-2025 Strategy. With this in mind, the OWHC Board of Directors will meet in Colonia de Sacramento (Uruguay) from April 17-19, 2024 to approve the subjects to be submitted to the members. The proposed Agenda will be shared for feedback two (2) months before the Congress, and the working documents will be sent to the participants 1 month before the Congress.

The Symposium on habitability will capitalize on the results of the Quebec Roadmap. All OWHC member cities are encouraged to join the Roadmap at any moment prior to the Congress, either by participating in the actions of the Collaborative Networks, or by piloting the work on new Thematics. The evaluation of the results will be carried out progressively with the cities’ contributions, so that the Concept of the Symposium can be presented in the spring, followed by the detailed program. Elected officials and representatives of the main municipal departments responsible for urban planning, mobility, environment and heritage aspects will engage with each other in dynamic, interactive workshops, which will mark an essential stage in the process leading to the emergence of the OWHC’s “New Urban Project”.

Throughout “On the road to Cordoba”, the General Secretariat will be assisting the members in their preparations for the event, which will provide a decisive impetus to strengthening the political dimension of the Organization and its operational capacities. The General Secretariat will be able to count on the rigorous and efficient management of the Board of Directors, and the contributions of the Panel of Mayors, the Network of Elected Officials, the Network of Coordinators and the Advisory Group overseeing the preparation of the Symposium.