28 November 2023

2nd Latin America Regional Meeting in Xochimilco (Mexico) – 21-23 November 2023

Xochimilco, Mexico

In the framework of the 2nd Regional Meeting of the Latin America Regional Secretariat in the city of Xochimilco, Mexico, the Secretary General met with the Mayor of Xochimilco, Mr. José Carlos Acosta Ruiz, as well as representatives of the member cities of Camagüey, Colonia del Sacramento, Cuenca, Cusco, La Habana, Morelia, Puebla, Querétaro and San Pablo de Mitla, to discuss the advances on the Quebec Roadmap and the prospect for the 17th World Congress to be held in Cordoba in 2024.

The visit of the General Secretariat of the OWHC to the city of Xochimilco was warmly welcomed by the municipality’s Mayor, elected officials and civil servants accompanied by several cultural presentations.

Working meetings on the subjects of each city’s participation in the Roadmap, as well as discussions on the Regional Secretariat’s functioning, their 2024 program of activities, and the potential organization of the 3rd Regional Meeting in Colonia del Sacramento in 2024, and the 4th Regional Meeting in Cuenca in 2025 were also discussed.