4 May 2022

Second step of “On the Road to Québec”: Launch of the Strategic Reflections!

Quebec, Canada

The thematic reflections of Step 1 of “On the Road to Quebec” culminated in the identification of four (4) transversal strategic axes and highlighted the priority concerns of OWHC member cities regarding the major global urban issues triggered by climate, economic and social changes. They now give way to the Step 2 of the process, the strategic reflections.

Elected officials, managers, and experts from all OWHC the member cities are invited to consider these strategic axes and to interpret them in order to propose pragmatic and concrete objectives that must be developed as a priority in the current context of their World Heritage cities. These proposed objectives must aim to overcome certain weaknesses or vulnerabilities, or to respond more directly to the quality-of-life needs, by operationalizing them with concrete actions.

Click below to learn more about the Strategic Reflections and how to participate in this Step 2!

Strategic reflections