8 April 2022

OWHC-AP Steps Closer to Its Regional Workshop

Every year, the OWHC Asia-Pacific Regional Secretariat has hosted its own Experts’ Workshop, involving the OWHC members and observers from the AP region. This year is not an exception.

Following the successful completion of thematic workshops, the OWHC Asia-Pacific Regional Secretariat held a meeting yesterday with the Heritage Experts of the AP Region to discuss the details about the upcoming Regional Workshop which will pursue the themes discussed in the thematic workshops in accordance with the unique circumstances of the Asia-Pacific region.

The OWHC Asia-Pacific Workshop will host more than 20 Heritage Experts and Site Managers from various AP nations and cities – Korea, Japan, Denpasar(Indoensia), Macao, Manila(The Philippines), Vietnam. The participants will explore in-depth the five themes of the thematic workshops tailored to the unique context of the AP region by giving presentations and holding discussion sessions.

The OWHC Asia-Pacific Workshop will take place at 13:00 through 17:00 on May 19th, 2022 (Korean Standard Time). The workshop will be delivered hybrid both offline (for participants in Korea) and Zoom. The language the workshop is conducted in will be English.

With more specifics to be unveiled soon, The OWHC-AP Regional Secretariat is doing its best in preparation for the workshop, while encouraging intersted parties, whether from the AP region or not, to join for the lively sharing of ideas and insights. For more information on the OWHC-AP Regional Workshop, please contact [email protected].