25 January 2022

News from the 16th World Congress

Quebec, Canada

The current pandemic has put into perspective various climatic, economic, social and cultural issues, both on an individual and collective level. The resulting questions have made it easier to become aware of the possible changes in our lifestyles and the major upheavals that lie ahead for our cities and societies.

In this singular context, the 16th World Congress will provide the OWHC with a wonderful opportunity to engage in an original and ambitious reflection on the theme of “Enhancing Livability in World Heritage Cities”. The search for operational solutions will allow the OWHC to take part, alongside major international stakeholders, in a coordinated action for the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants, the sustainability of historic cities and the climate change.

Prior to the event, the General Secretariat, supported by the Regional Secretariats, will communicate the details of the preparation of the Congress and the concrete perspectives for the implementation of projects. I therefore invite all the members of the Organization to mobilize themselves towards the objectives of the Congress.

Mikhaël De Thyse

To learn more about the Congress’s concept and its preparatory phase, click on the link below:

Concept of the 16th World Congress of the OWHC

“On the Road to Quebec” – An evolutionary process to bring out concrete project proposals

This preparatory phase for the 16th World Congress consists of a series of thematic online workshops in which experts from different disciplines representing the OWHC member cities will participate.

The workshops will allow the emergence of strategic priorities and specific objectives for certain issues related to the quality of life in World Heritage Cities, from which concrete actions will be proposed for implementation in OWHC cities.

Stay tuned, details of the workshops and registration will be launched in February!