4 September 2020

40 years of the Warsaw Old Town on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Warsaw, Poland

On September 2, at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, a meeting was held on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the entry of the Historic Center of Warsaw on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

September is a special month for Warsaw. In September 1939, a brutal German invasion will begin, which enveloped the city in the darkness of the occupation for several years. After the war, September officially became the Warsaw Reconstruction Month.

Finally, in 1980, at the beginning of September, the Old Town was entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This entry not only appreciated the fact of the reconstruction, but also the fantastic work of restorers, architects, builders, craftsmen, sculptors, painters, and finally the decision makers who made this work possible. Warsaw’s Old Town has become a model for other cities affected by the catastrophe of destruction.

On September 2, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of this event. It would not be possible without the personal contribution of prof. Krzysztof Pawłowski, who supervised the work on the entry on the Polish side. In recognition of his role, the professor received the award For Merits to Warsaw.

With this event, we started this year’s Warsaw Reconstruction Month. There are many events ahead of us (not all online), to which we invite you now. Follow the details on http://zabytki.um.warszawa.pl/