8 March 2018

1st Preparatory visit in Krakow for the 15th World Congress

Kraków, Poland

1st Preparatory visit in Krakow for the 15th World Congress

The Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General of the OWHC completed the first preparatory visit to Krakow in late February to coordinate with the local organizing committee for the realization of the OWHC World Congress to be held there in 2019. As is customary on the first visit, the Protocol of Agreement between the Host City and the General Secretariat was signed by the Mayor of Krakow and the Secretary General.

From left to right: Lee Minaidis (Deputy Secretary General), Denis Ricard (Secretary General), Agata Mierzyńska (Organizing Committee) and Jacek Majchrowski (Mayor of Krakow)

We are most fortunate that our 15th World Congress, having a theme dealing with balancing heritage and tourism, will be hosted by the City of Krakow – a city that is at the forefront of current tourism trends. Krakow has clearly demonstrated a responsible approach to tourism as exemplified in the creation of the Historic Cities 3.0 project of biennial conferences on aspects of tourism in historic cities, the first of which was launched during the preparatory visit with the theme “Residents and Visitors – in search of quality and comfort.”

The very pertinent content of the conference and the effective format in which it was conducted, coupled with the excellent overall organization assured that Krakow has the capability to organize a very successful OWHC World Congress. Moreover, the state of the art ICE Krakow Congress Centre as well as the stunning venues proposed for the evening events of the World Congress will enhance the meeting which those in attendance will surely long remember.

The OWHC expresses its gratitude and appreciation to the Mayor of Krakow, the Hon. Jacek Majchrowski, for his most generous hospitality during the preparatory visit as well as to the members of his team for their diligent approach to the organization of the World Congress.