26 October 2016

The 8th OWHC Regional Secretariat is formally established in Morelia (Mexico)

Morelia, Mexico

On October 18, 19 and 20, the Secretary General of the OWHC Denis Ricard, was in the city of Morelia (Mexico) to mark the formal establishment of the 8th Regional Secretariat, named “Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico”.

To complete the establishment, a formal ceremony took place in the “Salón de Cabildo”, in the presence of the Mayor Alfonso Martínez Alcázar, Denis Ricard, councillors and municipal officials, the Regional Coordinator of the Secretariat Juan Carlos Mata, as well as representatives of the cities of Oaxaca, Xochimilco, Puebla, Queretaro, San Miguel de Allende and Guadalajara. During the ceremony, the winners of the 1st Photo Contest of the Historic Center of Morelia, organized by the Regional Secretariat, were awarded.


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Afterwards, a meeting was held in order to do a follow up of the programs and to define a work agenda. Among the points to highlight; the “Morelia Agreement” was discussed, which will include the participation of all Mexican Heritage Cities, members of the OWHC, to form, in each one of them, a trust for the rescue of endangered properties. The Regional Coordinator also expressed his interest in strengthening ties with the Regional Secretariat for South America and working together to potentiate the programs of the OWHC. Finally, it was also mentioned that the City of Guadalajara would send to Mr. Ricard a letter-application to become a member of the OWHC.

At night, Denis Ricard was invited to the event called “El barrio de todos”, a successful program to create a heritage sense of belonging in its inhabitants, to which the neighbourhood was invited to listen to stories and legends about the area, and during which was included a music show and an open-air dance in the streets.


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On October 20, accompanied by the Regional Coordinator, José Luis Rodriguez, and the representative of the City of Oaxaca Gerardo Corres, Denis Ricard visited the city of San Miguel de Allende, last Mexican city to obtain the Heritage City nomination. It was a great moment to see the logo of the OWHC on the plaque commemorating the nomination of the site on the World Heritage List.


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On behalf of the City of Morelia, the Mayor Alfonso Martínez Alcázar, thanks the visit of Denis Ricard and is grateful for the honours of his city being named headquarter of the Regional Secretariat of Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico.