7 March 2016

Creation of the Library Jean-Paul L’Allier in Oaxaca (Mexico)

Oaxaca, Mexico

Creation of the Library Jean Paul L’Allier in Oaxaca (Mexico)


The legacy of Jean-Paul L’Allier now has headquarters in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico.

In that sense, the LIBRARY JEAN PAUL L’ALLIER and the FUNDS FOR HERITAGE CITIES were established. The college José María Murguia y Gallardi, led by Mr. Rubén Darío Calleja and located in the historic center of Oaxaca, participates in the OWHC program Youth on the Trail of World Heritage. This college dedicated a space to create an information center in order to promote the World Heritage Cities. Mr. Denis Ricard, Secretary General of the OWHC, was able through technology to participate from Quebec in the inauguration ceremony of this library. Mr. Ricard presented Jean-Paul L’Allier, the man and his achievements, and congratulated the instigators of this project.

City authorities joined the project through the Director of the historical center, Ms. Veronica Arredondo Paulin who represented Mr. Javier Villacaña Jiménez, Mayor of Oaxaca and Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the OWHC.

Mr. Gerardo Corres Tenorio, responsible for the OAXACA-OWHC relations, presented the project CHILDREN’S UNIVERSITY OF WORLD HERITAGE, which includes this first action.


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Books donated

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Construction of the Library


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Speeches for the Inauguration of the Library

From left to right: special guest, Archit. Veronica Arredondo Paulin, Eng. Rubén Darío Calleja and Archit. Gerardo Corres Tenorio

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Classroom of the Library