27 November 2015

Gyeongju: The host city of the next World Congress of the OWHC

Gyeongju, Republic of Korea

Barely 3 years ago, the city of Gyeongju in the Republic of Korea joined the OWHC. Since then, Gyeongju was chosen as the Asia Pacific Regional Secretariat in addition to holding two regional meetings and taking part in other projects of the OWHC, including the call for projects for the 13th World Congress of the OWHC and Youth programs such as Youth on the Trail of World Heritage and the International Video Production Competition “My City, Our World Heritage”.

And now, in Arequipa, Gyeongju was elected to host the next world congress of the OWHC. Congratulations to Gyeongju and its mayor, Mr. Choi Yang-Sik, who was accompanied in Arequipa by 37 enthusiastic people. If the past is any indication of the future, there is no doubt that the Gyeongju world congress will be a model of content and organization.

See the video for Gyeongju’s candidacy