27 March 2015

Project Meeting RESM-OWHC. Angra do Heroísmo (Portugal)

Angra do Heroismo, Portugal




16-17 March 2015

The Project Meeting organized by the Regional Secretariat for Southern Europe and the Mediterranean coordinated Córdoba since 2001, has been held on 16 and 17 March at the Congress Centre of Angra do Heroismo (Portugal). On this occasion, involve 21 representatives from the cities of Strasbourg (France), Sintra, Elvas Évora, Angra do Heroismo (Portugal), Cidade Velha (Cape Verde) and Granada, Aranjuez, Segovia, Oviedo and Córdoba (Spain).

The purpose of these meetings is to exchange experiences and best practices in different fields of Heritage Management. Specifically, four projects work:

– Youth and Heritage, coordinated by Aranjuez;

– Local Crafts and Visual Pollution, coordinated by Granada;

– Mobility and Heritage, coordinated by Córdoba

– Tourism and Heritage, coordinated by Segovia.




Monday 16th Mach

Welcome reception by Mayor of Angra do Heroísmo at Hotel Angra Garden

1st Working Session.

Location: Centro Cultural e de Congressos de Angra do Heroísmo

Presentation of the Report by the Regional Coordinator. SRESM-OWHC

Mobility and Heritage Project – Coordinated by Cordoba

 Cocktail – Pousada de São Sebastião (Castelinho). Câmara Municipal Angra do Heroísmo

Tuesday 17th March

2nd Working Session..

Location: Centro Cultural e de Congressos d’ Angra do Heroísmo

 Mobility and Heritage Project – Coordinated by Aranjuez

 Local Craft and Visual Pollution Project. – Coordinated by Granada

3rd Working Session.

Lieu: Centro Cultural e de Congressos d’Angra do Heroísmo

Tourism and Heritage Project . – Coordinated by Segovia

Close of the Projets Meeting. Mrs Raquel Ferreira and Mr. Rafael Jaén

Visit to Castle of San Juan Bautista

Wednesday 18th March

Check out Angra do Heroísmo 

                The hospitality extended by the City of Angra do Heroísmo was impecable. The Regional Meeting was a great success. The next meeting will take place in Arequipa (Peru), from 03 to November 6, 2015, to celebrate the XIII World Congress of the World Heritage Cities: Resilient Cities, during which there will be the General Assembly of the OWHM and the 15th Regional Conference of the World Heritage Southern Europe and Mediterranean cities.


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